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Got Questions? Our Clients Answer.


You may be wondering what exactly we do. Maybe what to expect when working with us.
So below are some FAQs answered by our clients - because we figured you'd prefer their take, rather than hear us go on. And on....

1 We are in a very competitive market. Can you help?

1) Answered by an Ohio based company that represents over 20 foodservice equipment manufacturers, requesting their site be re-designed and migrated to a new platform.

Within 6 months of the migration and re-design, they saw:

- 2x better conversions than their best year, or a 100% increase
- As well as more than 10x the response rate over a 10 year period or 900% increase

Here's what the Client Care Manager of SESCO, Paul Cornish, has to say of their new, personalized-infused website:

"SESCO is a B2B company that relies heavily on sales. We need to make the most of every opportunity to engage our clients. And we also need to make the most of our resources, whether that is our sales and support team, or our marketing budget.

So when we had to migrate our site, we were faced with a big decision.

There were many vendors anxious to build out our site. But we decided we needed a site that was more than a templated site. We needed to be sure we could efficiently engage our visitors. Besides the opportunity to add events, house secure portals, efficiently handle customer requests, the personalized solutions allow us to be in sync, emotionally and practically, with our web visitors. And it shows.

In the shortest time, we saw an uptick in visits, inquiries and estimate requests."

We can hardly wait to implement SEO, email campaigns and character-based Chatbots!

Paul Cornish, Client Care Manager

2) Answered by a marketing partner facing a client branding crisis, requesting a branding workshop:

Helen provides my firm with trusted counsel on a great number of projects...

My client, a dedicated safety distribution specialist with locations throughout North America and a seventy-year legacy, learned not only that they had a personality — but specifically what that personality is and how to embrace their story...

As a distributor, my customer sells products manufactured by myriad other companies and over the course of their 70-year journey, they became a patchwork of personalities at best or an emotionless cash register at worse.

It became clear to me as their marketing counsel that we needed more than tactical elements — web, catalogs, and specification sheets. We needed to find ourselves. I tapped Helen’s experience immediately.

Through preliminary research initiatives, every voice in the organization was heard and cataloged. Then the results were presented in a brilliant focus group that was part collegial experience and part emotional debate.

However, the session never lost focus. Rather, it increasingly gained focus. Helen set the stage so beautifully, helping everyone — from seasoned sales representatives to warehouse hands — to feed slowly and easily on the concept of brand personality. She illustrated the inherent financial value of speaking consistently from this story. She then pivoted perfectly to what was learned about our own brand’s personality.

She illuminated a path forward for internal and outbound communications and helped individuals at all levels of the organization embrace their role in the collective personality... I highly recommend Helen for any similar work in this area of expertise.

Peter Zeller
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cunningham Baron LLC

2 Do you offer workshops? And what can I expect from Helen/Imacom Design?

1) Answered by a marketer and business owner:

Being in the marketing industry myself, it's rare to find a speaker that presents unique and interesting content that appeals to those with and without marketing expertise. I always love to attend events or workshops to hear what Helen Eichel has to say, because she brings such a unique perspective. With an unusual blend of expertise and passion in psychology and marketing Helen teaches how the human brain drives decision making. This is probably one of the most basic, yet misunderstood aspects behind marketing success today.

Whether the topic is storytelling or emotional understanding, she get's to the core of "WHY" people decide to buy, and helps attendees understand how to break it down and do it themselves. This is especially critical for small business owners who are almost always DIY'ing their marketing (and putting too much focus on the less compelling "WHAT" that they do). I would highly recommend Helen as a presenter to anyone who's audience is business owners (and yes, even marketing professionals) seeking to grow their business through a deeper understanding of WHY PEOPLE BUY!

Liz Radivoyevitch
Owner, RAD Graphics, Inc.

2) Answered by a B2B marketer within a competitive industry:

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Helen Eichel and her team.  Helen provided design services for our new website.  We love our website and hear constant compliments from our clients and colleagues.  As part of our website transition, Helen assisted our team with a brand personality workshop.  This was a well worthwhile adventure for our firm to discover our true brand personality.  Not only has it helped in the development of our website, but has been the impetus in setting our firm apart from our competitors.

Helen and her team are very attentive of our needs and offer valuable insight on market trends.  Most importantly, she goes out of his way to make sure we are happy.  She drops everything to assist us at every turn.

They are a pleasure to work with and that is why I am strongly recommending Imacom Design. I’d like to thank them for their outstanding work and great working relationship with our company. 

John P. Rach, Director of Marketing
CBLH Design

4 Do you do more than develop branding strategies and build websites?

Creativity, design talent and caring. The three key attributes that Helen Eichel, from Imacom Design, brings to her client projects.

Helen has been our company’s marketing partner since the mid 1990s. At that time, our marketing company hired her as Head of Design. She was an immediate success and was the inspiration behind many of the design successes for our customers.

Everyone likes working with her. She likes to solve problems. Explain to her what you are trying to achieve and she delivers solutions. We’ve worked together for more than 20 years and I feel sometimes that she knows exactly what I am trying to say better than I do!

... Helen produces vivid and powerful results in stunning graphic advertising, website production, crisp print literature, and even created one the first e-marketing newsletters at the advent of that industry...

I wholeheartedly endorse anyone looking for a superb mind to accompany super graphics talent to call on Helen Eichel and her company. You will not be disappointed.

Norbert J. Hobrath
President Hobrath Group LLC

Helen is the best creative graphic designer I have worked with in over 25 years in business. She is innovative, imaginative and highly
skilled in execution of projects.

Barbara Anderson
Owner at Commexus Inc.

I love working with Helen and have partnered on various successful strategic campaigns with her to help build brands and awareness for a few of the companies I have worked for. Helen is brilliant at what she does ...

Helen is an expert on a wide variety of areas in marketing and has been behind many of my successes as a contract partner. The quality of her work is always exceptional and she is a wonderful person to know.

Shannon Ketvertes
Previously Marketing Communications Manager, Cequent Consumer Products (now Horizon Global)